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Enjoy reliable office cleaning services for your business in Carmel, Indiana. Our team provides easy online scheduling and payments, flat-rate pricing, and a comprehensive checklist of cleaning services. All of our Carmel, Indiana cleaning professionals are background-checked and trained to deliver quality services with every visit. Our office cleaning services in Carmel, Indiana include:

  • Common areas, entryways and work spaces
  • Kitchen surfaces, appliances, floors, sink and stove
  • Bathroom cleaning of toilets, sinks, mirrors, and floors
  • Detailed cleaning of floors and baseboards
  • Mopping, sweeping, and vacuuming of all areas
  • Dusting of all reachable surfaces
  • Emptying of the trash 
  • Cleaning materials and tools provided
  • Additional services as requested

Our team comes equipped with all of the necessary tools and materials so you don’t have to worry about stocking your supplies. And our simple flat-rate pricing makes payments and invoicing a breeze. Our office cleaning services are scheduled in evenings, mornings or weekends depending on your company’s needs. Get started with an online estimate or ask our team about special services or requests.

Comprehensive Business Office Cleaning Services

Since 2018 Correa’s Cleaning Service has been providing quality cleaning for offices, coworking spaces, lobbies, and retail locations across Carmel, Indiana. Each booking is tailored to the unique needs of your office space. In addition, we offer deep clean services that can be added to your weekly appointment or to a standalone booking. Before your first appointment we will provide a detailed estimate and checklist of services so you know what to expect. We clean:

  • Small & large offices 
  • Retail spaces
  • Coworking spaces 
  • Lobbies & common areas

An Indianapolis based cleaning team you can trust - serving Carmel, Zionsville, and Fishers

Our cleaning professionals act as another part of your business. Each team member is thoroughly vetted and background-checked before entering your office. All cleaning staff come prepared with the right tools and products for the job. Our highly-rated services include:

  • Flat rate pricing at competitive rates
  • Materials and tools included
  • All cleaning team members are background-checked
  • Secure and efficient online payment
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

With several years of experience with office cleaning in the Carmel area we can also provide local testimonials and referrals to give you extra peace of mind.

Carmel Indiana Office Cleaning Checklists 

Our standardized office cleaning checklist ensures your property is consistently serviced during every booking. We can provide cleaning services on a daily, weekly, monthly, or occasional basis. Our standard house cleaning checklist includes the kitchen, bathrooms, common areas, workspaces, hallways, and stairs. Our flat rate pricing is based on the size of your office, including:

  • Total square footage 
  • Number of workspaces
  • Number of bathrooms
  • Size and number of kitchens
  • Your scheduling needs
  • Additional requests

Our flexible online booking and payment system means that you can easily request service based on your business’s schedule.

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Kitchen Office Cleaning

Weekly, bi-weekly or monthly cleanings ensure that your kitchen stays clean and sanitized. Our office kitchen cleanings include a wipe down of all surfaces, appliances, floors, range, and microwave. We will also scrub the sinks and empty the garbage. Additional deep cleaning services for the interior of the refrigerator can be added for a small fee.

Office Bathroom Cleaning

We know that clean bathrooms are an important part of keeping your office staff safe and happy. Our office bathroom cleanings include a wipedown of all surfaces, cleaning of the floors, and scrubbing of the sinks. We also clean and disinfect the toilet, remove the trash, and polish your mirrors. Additional bathroom services may be requested as needed.

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Common Area Cleaning

Our office cleaning includes attention to common areas like hallways, entryways, lobbies, waiting rooms, and stairways. We take time to vacuum and mop the floors, dust all surfaces, empty trash cans, clean mirrors, wipe down baseboards and dust all reachable lighting fixtures and switches during your office cleaning appointment.

Additional Commercial Cleaning Services

We understand that every property is unique and provide customizable cleaning services to meet your changing needs. Choose from additional deep cleaning services that can be booked with your regular service:

  • Interior fridge cleaning 
  • Inside oven cleaning
  • Blind cleaning 
  • Ceiling fan dusting & wipe down

Need something different? Book a free estimate with your team to learn more about our custom cleaning options.

Book a Free Carmel Office Cleaning Estimate

All of our office cleaning services in Carmel, Indiana are charged based on the size and details of the job. During your free estimate we will note the total square footage of the space, number of bathrooms, and your scheduling needs before providing a competitive price. Get in touch with our team today.

Cleaning Services Include: Office cleaning, commercial cleaning, janitorial services.

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